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Senior Transition Specialists are holistic people who look at the whole person and help them with all the steps of transitioning. Some of the areas they work through with seniors are:
– Figuring out their finances.
– Working with CPS’s or financial advisors to develop a plan for the future.
– Going to the lawyer to get a will, Power of Attorney and Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney in order.
– Visiting houses of family, apartments, other houses, CCRC’s, Assisted Living or other locations to find the best fit.
– Do the comparison of living locations.
– Help with the paperwork to get accepted in a location.
– Figure out furniture and help get you downsized.
– Work with the movers.
– Make sure seniors are welcomed in your new location.
– Many other things that come up along the way.

Auctioneers work with seniors in need of downsizing and/or liquidation of their estate. They can assist with coordinating estate sales and online auctions.

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