Skilled Nursing facilities provide a high level of medical care or treatment that can only be done by licensed nurses and by trained individuals, such as physical, speech, and occupational therapists.  These services can be necessary over the short term for rehabilitation from an illness or injury, or they may be required over the long term for patients who need care on a frequent or around-the-clock basis due to a chronic medical condition.  Examples of skilled nursing services include wound care, intravenous (IV) therapy, injections, physical therapy, and monitoring of vital signs and medical equipment.

Location is very important. Is the nursing home close enough for family and friends to be able to visit regularly?

The most important step is to visit more than once and look around. Are residents clean, well groomed, and dressed appropriately for the season and time of day? Are they involved in activities? Are staff friendly, helpful, and respectful? Is the home clean and free of odors? Do residents seem happy?

Go at different times of the day. Visit first thing in the morning and at mealtimes. Do residents seem to enjoy their meals? Is there help for residents who cannot eat on their own? If possible, eat a meal at the facility. Talk to staff, residents, and families to find out what they think of the facility.

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